Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silver Creek Falls

I recently was at Silver Creek Falls for a hike and took some photos; I think this would be a great spot for an environmental photo shoot for senior portrait, family shoot, or even an engagement session. These 1st two photos are a quick hike in, maybe 5-10 minutes. The water fall would make a beautiful back drop.

 The photo above would make a great water shoot, picture yourself sitting on one of the rocks.  They can be really fun and the end results can be beautiful.

In the fall this area is just gorgeous with the leaves turning bright yellow and orange it would make for a great backdrop.

 This one to the right is a little further hike in, but would be a great backdrop for a portrait shoot.
Silver Creek offers some great scenery for an environmental photo shoot with its stunning backdrops if you’re interested I would love to do a shoot in this area.  We do location shoots weather it be in downtown Salem or downtown Bend. We also have a beach weekend planned so stay tuned I will be posting dates here. Let me know if you’re interested in a beach shoot and we will email you with dates. Thank you for checking out our blog site, enjoy the rest of the photos.

Quintin Bangert
Westside Photography.

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